Airborne solution meets comfort


Protect your vision without compromise

We took notice of eyewear issues relating to safety and fit during long work hours and came up with a solution. Our patented utility and design solves many issues related to personal protection systems. Many PPE designs lack the integration to fit other designs. InsightPPE took a leap forward to bring Safety, High Quality, Comfort, and Peace of Mind to your work operation for maximum output.

Designed to protect

An integrative eyewear platform for sealed goggle with filter and accessory options that create a new standard of protection for infectious diseases.
  • 1. Filtered Protection

    • Replaceable Medical and Non-Medical filters down to 0.1 microns

    • Complete sealed design

  • 2. Interchangeable Sealed Lens

    • Airborne, Liquid, Impact resistant lens

    • Rx prescription or custom lenses with step design

  • 3. Airtight Face Seal

    • Soft Silicone for long use comfort

    • Universal design for various head sizes

    • Fog reduction from mask exhale

    • Widened nose bridge for medical mask fit

  • 4. Accessory Attachment Visor

    • Integrate accessories such as camera and lights to one unit

    • Reduce additional headgear attachments and weight

    • Face Shield Attachment

  • 5. Safety Meets A Comfortable fit

    • Adjustable silicone strap for physical activities

    • Reusable long term use

    • Materials are suited for various decontamination and sterilization methods

About Us

InsightPPE is a R&D Manufacturing company producing premium innovative PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for medical and non-medical products.

Our expertise ranges from Medical Device development, prototyping, production manufacturing, commercialization, and supply chain management.

Licensing Opportunities

If you would like to inquire about licensing, sale, and other related transactions, reach out and we will be in touch.