Integrative Filtered Goggle

Patented Sealed Filtered Goggles to protect your eyes from exposure to airborne pathogens.  Improved fit for long duration use made from FDA approved materials.

Airborne Viral Protection

  • Replaceable filter to block pathogens down to 0.1 microns at 99% efficiency

  • Improved seal design to fit multiple head sizes

Integrative Fit Issues

  • Widened nose bridge for respirator mask clearance

  • Plano lens upgradable to Rx prescription lenses

  • Optional visor attachment to integrate other PPE


  • Reduce contamination risks with a single head strap for multiple PPE use

  • Minimize fogging and eye space pressure with filtered ventilation

  • Eliminate poorly fitted PPE with a single platform base

  • NIOSH RCT-APR-STP-0005-05a-06 (passed fit test)

  • ISO 4855-1981 part 14 (passed vapor test)

  • Medical grade materials for sterilization and decontamination

  • Industrial grade and non-magnetic materials

  • ANSI Z-87+ rated

  • Completely sealed goggle design


  • Super soft silicone seal for long hours of use

  • Eliminate the need for double eye wear

  • Single platform that joins multiple PPE with single head strap

  • Parts are replaceable for long term use

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